Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blue Sky

Yesterday I visited a friend at her lake house north of town. We spent our time visiting and catching up, plus one errand and a lunch in town. I couldn't resist this photo of a small town street...the sky was so blue. A cold front came through and knocked off about 10 degrees from the day before and pushed out the humidity.

We had lunch in a diner run by the local Mennonites. I don't know if it was a family operation or a community or church operation, but it was good. And see the chalkboard? Free dessert because it was their 3rd anniversary.

It was a great day. I've never wanted a house on the coast, but I can totally see myself in a lake house (in my dreams!).


  1. Love the post, love the photos, love your blog's banner. Hi from Bossy!

  2. Free dessert? SSG's two favorite words : ) Right after "lake house." Okay really right before, but Lake House is like RIGHT after.

  3. I'm with you on the lake house. I'm going on vacation this Friday and will have a condo right on the ocean. Can't beat it.

  4. River, lake, country, small town, mennonite diners, and free dessert...makes me swoon. Also in my dreams and hopefully in my reality sometime in the future.



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