Saturday, July 10, 2010


I love the everyday.  Those things are special to me and easily slip by unremarked.  This is my first attempt at the 'shape of summer' prompt yesterday because of the shape of the mirror.

So this morning when I got up and saw the Making Memories prompt, I knew this was my shot.

On this everyday shot, I'm dressed and ready for work, which prompts this dog to get ready to nap.  She's also guilty of just having tunneled under the fence and was recovered when Gus sounded the alarm (sharp, shrill yips and he did it the last time she got out). I love the way sun comes through this window in the morning, and I love the colors and that though I tried to straighten before leaving, I missed moving my gown to it's place.

Everyday is really special.


  1. Thanks for the reminder.
    Love the picture. Thank goodness Gus, was on duty.

    I wouldn't have noticed the nightgown if you hadn't mentioned it.

  2. Beautiful picture! I love the colors and the coziness of it. Makes me want to curl up and take a nap.



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