Friday, June 5, 2009

Cat Photoshoot

Here's a slideshow of my first photoshoot. I guess. For the record, my favorite is the last one.

Any feedback is welcome...


  1. As the owner of the cat slide show stars, and on behalf of Bella and Bailey, thank you for capturing us so well in our most favorite place . . . on the porch.

  2. I agree with you I like the last one the best. I also like the one of them sitting by the door. It's very reminiscent of Cotton & Gus. You need to have a photo shoot with my kids.

  3. Hello.
    Landed here via the Black Box!

  4. Great photos. Cats do not always cooperate. Looks like these guys enjoyed the experience! I think #3,6 and 7 are my faves. Love #7.

  5. Fun pics. Love the last one too. We're waiting on two little kittens to finish their time with their Mommy. Only two more weeks to wait.


  6. I really love the second one...I wish Thomas Jefferson was a relaxed kitty like these two!!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Awww! Molly you take such great pictures! They've always been good, but I swear they're looking better and better--are you studying/reading/practicing?! If so, it SHOWS! You have got a great eye!



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