Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Counter-Downer

Today I felt a need to make something. It's summer, so I guess the summer camp arts-n-crafts bug has bitten.

Cut, glue, tape, staple, mess up improvise. Isn't it satisfying?

Here's my project - it's a count down thingy. I call it the counter-downer. From 14 days out, you can tick off the days to a birthday, holiday, trip, getting a new puppy, or taking delivery of a new car/house/loan (hehe, as if).

Because anticipation is part of the fun of all those things, right? The original that I followed is here.

It was fun trying to make it look like the real one without having all the stuff. I used tools I had never tried before. I dug out stickers I've had for eons. I made my own wings with transparencies I had on hand (one wonders why one had them on hand if today was the first day one opened the package, but one digresses). I think my artsy-crafty is rekindled.

This one is designated for a family I know with 4 kids, three cats, a dog, and a gerbil. Keep an eye on the mail this week, peeps.


  1. Uh oh, you just introduced SSG to a new blog she will become addicted to. LOVE THIS! You're so crafty! That shouldn't surprise me since you're GOOD AT EVERYTHING!!

  2. It makes me want to have something to count down to! Looks like way more fun than big red X's on an already cluttered calendar.

    Good Job, Miss Crafty.

    P.S. I bet if you tried you could come up with 101 uses for unused transparencies! If you drew pictures on them perhaps you could stick them to your bathroom window! And if you are "really" crafty you could make one big picture from little pane-sized pictures and people could change them around when hanging out in the bathroom - like one of those number puzzle sqares that you have to get in order. Hmmm, I may be on to something!

  3. I can not wait to see what other crafty things you do!!! I love the counter downer...what a neat way to build the excitement of something special coming up!

    You are so Martha.

  4. Since I can think of no other person crazy enough to have so many wild animals (kids included) in their house I will be waiting with great anticipation.

    Then I can count down to the end of will end, right?!?

  5. OH MAN!!!

    I had it all the way up until the gerbil. Well, and our dog died last March. And I don't think you knew that we were back up to 3 kittens, although one already died. But, hey, I do still have 4 kids.

    So let me's not for me, right?! Dang that Carrie anyway!!!

    Sulking away and hoping to win the next time.

    Traci, 4 kids, one great husband, 2 adorable kittens, and groundhogs that we threaten daily with a crooked rifle.



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