Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fireflies and the blue egg series

I've been trying to figure out how to take a photo of the fireflies. That encompasses a number of things I have no experience at: time lapse photography, patience, using a tripod, patience...below is my first effort, and I thought it was a bust except that I liked the light coming through the lattice at the neighbors. Then I saw that little light dot in the middle left of the large shrub--I got one!

These are eggs from an area farmer...I've been shopping at the farmer's markets and am thinking of joining a CSA group. Anyway, these eggs were all sizes and colors. I saved my favorite blue one for last because it was so pretty.


  1. Sooo pretty. You know SSG has never seen a firefly? It's on her life list. We just don't get them on the west coast : (

  2. I love both od these subjects...the fireflys and the blue eggs. I look forward to more experimentation.

    BTW...I have little patience either.

  3. Oh I see it! Great! I haven't ever seen one in person.
    The eggs are pretty. I have seen those before in person--whew!



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