Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Color Commentary



My favorite color is red, but I seem to be fascinated by blue in my photography. And while I'm at it, my favorite color combination is aqua and red, especially the vintage combinations. My house has aqua colored walls with dark brown in a couple of places, another favorite combination. The front bedroom/office/clutter-catcher is a blue color, maybe a shade or two darker than sky blue. And I've recently taken a shine to orange, but for furniture, I'm all about painting things cream, off white, pearl or some other variation of white. On the other hand, I recently painted the outside bench tomato, which was really coral and now we're back to red again.


The spin on the color wheel made me dizzy.

What color do you like to see and where?


  1. I love playing with colors...they make me so happy.

    My favorite color in the white family is oyster.

    Love the blue photos.

  2. Believe it or not, I really don't have a favorite color. Your photos are great!

  3. Orange..
    I love orange..
    it's so warm..
    And you have BLUEBERRIES!!!!
    not for another few weeks here..

  4. I love color too! I tend to swap out with the seasons. I've got red accents which I'll probably keep through July and then switch to oranges, yellows and greens through August and September. Fall begs for brown and rich purples and winter for reds and greens. I love accent colors.

    And um, you've seen Chez SSG--it's uh beige. Which SSG tells herself she likes because it's "neutral" to offset her variety of accent pieces ; )



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