Sunday, February 28, 2010


My favorite book reviewer via podcast, Nancy Pearl, has slowed down.  At one point she had a weekly podcast via KUOW public radio.  So I've been casting about looking for another book podcast.

Well, I've found it.  Books on the Nightstand is a team project of Ann and Michael, two book reps. This is their personal project, not an extension of work.  They cover a variety of genres and while I haven't listened to all the podcasts-yet-I've enjoyed the ones I have heard. 

For you non iPod-ers, I think you can listen from their website.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

iPod II

I am on my second iPod.  The first one just sort of wore out.  The second one is a 60 gig video capable one.

It holds my free digital copy of Mamma Mia the movie.  I make that distinction because now I've seen the stage show and while they are the same story, they are very different.  I think it's the energy.  But the point is, I can carry around the story of my inner dancing queen.

So I've had the second iPod for at least a year.  But for a while there, it lost its luster.  Not sure why, but it did. 

Lately, I've rediscovered its magic.  The way it creates a bubble for you to move through time and be in whatever world you want to be while normalcy perks along outside.

Podcasts.  These are the addiction right now. 

Book reviews by Nancy Pearl.  Although these don't come out as often as they once did. I love Nancy Pearl.  She helped me find that I do like some Science Fiction.  And she has her own Librarian action figure. Sort of like Wonder Woman but without the pre-Madonna Jean-Paul Gaultier pointy bo$om.

Barnes and Noble Meet the Writers.

The Guardian Books Podcast.

Speaking of Faith.  This is a probationary podcast until I figure out what it's thing is.  I found it when someone mentioned listening to their iPod to an episode about John O'Donohue which was about Beauty and God. 

Lightroom Killer Tips.  Self explanatory.  But oh, so valuable. A tip and a video of how to do it.

Design for the Real World.  It tells about things like tract houses and stop signs.

Rick Steves Travel.  Only the ones on Italy.  And Provence.

So whenever I need to get away, I reach into my bag for my iPod.  Click on a podcast. 

Tune out the noise.

What are you saying? 

I can't hear you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Bullets

So far, today, as of 9:05 am:

  • Gus and Cotton have been outside 3 times since 7 am
  • I've taken 75 or so pictures ( lovelovelove digital). the cardinal below is for Merry, sorry it's fuzzy

  • I have enjoyed two mugs of warm, rich steaming coffee
  • Gus has enjoyed two green, ripe, creamy avocados stolen from the counter

  • I made an english muffin with cream cheese and lemon curd
  • I took pictures from the front step before any cars went down my street
  • 5 people + their 8 or so dogs have been down my street, probably to the park.  We are going for a walk, too, but not yet

  • 2 cars have been down my icy, snow crusted street - one was the newspaper man - his car had a 2 foot pile of snow on top and he was riding along with the windows down.  BRRRRR
  • Lots of birds ar enjoying the feeders.  Glad I had the presence of mind to fill it yesterday, and put a few cups on the ground

  • I'm watching snow fall off the branches of the trees when the wind blows, or a bird lands
  • I was surprised by the bluebird that appeared at the suet feeder, and he's back right now
  • All my friends have visited: both woodpeckers, the towhees, the tufted titmouses, a sparrow, blue jays, doves, a mockingbird

  • Snow in the South is magical, but it is also scary.  I'm thankful that enough fell to be beautiful but didn't bring down tree limbs and then power lines
  • The dogs are barking, I bet the black cat is on the prowl

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Faces

There have been some new faces since the pinecone birdfeeders have come and gone.  Seems like the big feeder and the suet feeder attract a different clientele.

I haven't seen one of these red-winged blackbirds in years. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Experiment in Art Journaling

I've been seeing these artsy pages that people make. So I took some of my stuff and tried to mimic them.  Not so bad.  I blew up and cropped an old photo scanned at 600 dpi, and put it on my paper/paint experiment.  Then I tried some of the style of journaling you see.  And glued on some of the new/old vintagey flowers.


Oh, and this is an iPhone photo.  I didn't feel like going to get my big camera, and the slight out of focus is fine, I think.  That way not everything is given away.

This afternoon: clearing away clutter.  Ugh.


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