Saturday, June 13, 2009

It was a Frog-Strangler


Last night we had a fierce thunderstorm with a lot of lightning and heavy rain. From my office desk I can see the outdoor patio lights at my neighbor's, but they were much more subdued than this photo shows. The dogs, Gus in particular, stuck close once the thunder started.

In the paper this week was a headline proclaiming the drought over as the ground water levels were replenished and area lakes are full or near full pool...but the drought went on for so many years that it's still pleasant to spend an evening inside while the rain falls outside.
And that green flash in the lower center of the picture? I have no landscaping lights...that's the porch light from across the street refracting in a droplet of water hitting a very sensitive light sensor in the camera.


  1. Rob & I watched Marley & Me last night and it reminded me of Gus. He's such a great dog. (Cotton too!)

  2. Oh MAN, I thought you were going to tell us the green light was a ghost : )

  3. Love the picture. Which settings did you use?

  4. After much trial and error, the settings were

    ISO 1600/50 mm/f1.8/ .6 sec

    But I'm still not satisfied because this is not what it looked like. It's just going to have to rain again so I can try some more.



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