Thursday, June 25, 2009

Right Now

Tonight I read a blog post that encouraged documenting your "right now". it was at Ali Edwards' site (she is the queen of celebrating your everyday). So, in that spirit, I took a photo of the dogs sleeping by my chair. What is remarkable about it is that these two have been biting, licking, rolling and begging for me to scratch them for days. I finally called the vet for some relief, and fed them their pills at 8 pm with their supper. At 10 pm it was quiet for the first time in days, poor things.


  1. Oh my!! I was five (5!) posts behind. Must find a way to stay in touch. This crazy summer is keeping me away from the computer, but know that I come and catch up when I can.

    Your cooking puts me to complete and utter shame. My poor family....I never experiment. Good for you.


  2. They are like children in so many ways. Your scratching is my summer's ear.

    Traci, you know how far behind I'm guilt among friends :)

    I think Molly is the only one that is consistently on top of it all!

  3. Oh those puppies, I just want to scoop them up and have them be my summer houseguests.

    You too!

    Mine is right by my desk chair now too--oh those tangled paws and sleepy faces how I love thee.



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