Monday, March 31, 2008

Recycled Landscaping

I'm really enjoying my yard. Because of the drought, I'm not really adding anything new, although if you look closely, there seem to be new plants.

That's because the daylilies, chocolate chip ajuga (why chocolate chip for a name when the flower color is a rich purple?) and cinnamon ferns flourished despite the drought.
There are 11 more daylilies by my count-they now cross the front of the yard and are by the mailbox with the clematis vine (another survivor) and the carpet of something whose name escapes me at the moment but is gray-green with tiny pink flowers. And by the way, that plant has been divided as well.

There are 54 new chocolate chip ajuga around the yard from the one big clump near the Brazilian verbena.

Last year Tim the landscaper "saved" the trillium from the clutches of the reckless golden retrievers. But just in case the transplants didn't make it, he left some where they were. And they came up this year, along with the transplants beside the gate to the backyard. So Tim the landscaper moved the remaining trillium to safety on either side of the deck stairs.

Next, he recommended a yucca plant to put in the hole in the back yard bed created by moving the decimated boxwoods. [Golden retrievers are apparently hard on boxwoods. Who knew?] At any rate, I pointed out to Tim the landscaper that a plant matching that description grew just on the other side of the fence (still on my property) and could be transplanted versus purchased. When he did, it made 3 new plants, and if those plants can't survive the drought after who knows how many years of neglect, I don't know what will. To continue, this yucca plant is not the weapon yeilding variety that once grew outside the Activities Building of one First Baptist Church in Troy, Alabama. Those of you who used to go to Wednesday night supper, you know what I mean. For those of you who didn't, the plant had leaves (fronds, branches, spears?) that came to a wickedly shart point and could be used as a weapon--remember your 10 year old self and you'll think of all the things they could be used to do. If you click on the picture, you can see the little "hairs" that make this plant unusual.

The butterfly bush has been moved from the front yard to one of the side beds. The canna lilies are peeking up through the new mulch.

And the front yard has a mascot: a garter snake Tim the landscaper brandished at me while watering. He found it lying next to the water spigot. It will be best for me and the snake if it keeps a low profile.

The cinnamon ferns have been added to the monkey grass that was taken up to make a path from the driveway to the front walk and planted on the bank behind the azaleas in the back yard. We can only hope that the aforementioned golden retrievers do not undo this planting or Tim the landscaper will be in high dudgeon. He dismissed my suggestion of posts and that neon orange netting around the area as temporary protection.

So, I'm very happy because I've been able to build a patio repurposing old concrete pieces that once formed the bottom of the drive way, and lined the new backyard areas with stone that was brought up from the way-back yard. I really wanted "old" plants in my yard--the kind I remember all the old southern ladies had in their yards: daylilies, mop head and lace cap hydrangeas, fragrant climbing roses, ferns, caladiums, tea roses with their yummy smell, and more. I don't have all these yet, but I think part of the fun is in working my way slowly there.
All I need now are some overalls, tomato plants and a funny looking hat.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

It could have been worse...

This week started with a fair amount of promise.

When I misplaced my mobile phone sometime Monday and couldn't think where it could be, I thought, it could be worse, I still have my Blackberry.

When I got home Tuesday night and realized the toilet chain in the tank broke when the maid came to clean AND was flushed away so that I have to manually flush the toilet until it can be fixed, I thought to myself, it could be worse.

On Wednesday, I was hit by a driver who ran a red light. There was a silver lining, a passing motorist who stopped and gave me their name because they saw the whole thing, and it turns out he is an architect that works with my company. And being able to drive away, with only some damage to the hood, fender and the driver side head- and parking lights. Still, it's a wrecked car, which means time away from work to get to a body shop and rent a car and, oh well. It really could be worse.

Today I got a roofing quote, and was told I definitely needed a new roof. Once I saw the estimate I remember thinking, well, it could be worse.

And then I remembered that I had my phone at the restaurant Monday night, and I went by on my way to the office and it was there.

This week? It could have been worse.


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