Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Screened Porch

Last night I joined two friends for drinks on Cindy's screened porch.

The screened porch is how the South survives the humidity and the swarms of mosquitoes and gnats during the summer time. The front porch is the foundation for the social fabric of the south since people sit in rockers on their front porches and speak to neighbors, but the screened porch is where we live.


A respectable screened porch, big or small, must have a ceiling fan. And wicker furniture. If it's large enough, it can also have a table for eating meals in the fresh air. And potted plants. In pots. Like lush, verdant ferns. Or violets with their jewel toned blossoms.

It can have a cement or tiled floor. Or carpet. Or a painted wood floor. My great aunt dusted, swept and mopped her porch floor just as diligently as she did the inside of her house. And woe be unto you if you tracked onto her freshly mopped floor.

Often they have a swing. I would like a swing. I'm thinking of getting a swing for my screened porch.


Screened porches provide indoor cats the opportunity to dream of escape (including the pair above). They set the stage for naps - really wonderful naps. They provide dogs the opportunity to keep an eye on the outdoor goings on.


But most of all, screened porches are the perfect place to sip wine and nibble snacks and catch up with friends.


  1. Lovely....this put me in the most wonderful mood. I now want a screened in porch.

  2. Mol, needless to say, I really like this one!!!


  3. I dream of having a screened porch for all the reasons you describe so well. I think for me it goes back to the days when I would be assigned a sleeping place behind a drawn curtain at my Grandmother's camp in Vermont. I could lie there listening to the adults after dinner or take an afternoon nap while rain dripped down through the trees.

  4. Oh I love a screen porch! I have one at my house with big comfy chairs, a wonderful radio, a wrought iron table and chairs- all the comforts. You are so right about a glass of wine, or a wonderful nap. Growing up, I spent my summers in Wisconsin. My grandparents had two houses on their property and both had wonderful screened porches. It was a right off passage to be able to sleep on the porch each night. I can still remember the down comforter we used and the rainy nights. Nothing better!

  5. Okay Ms. Molly, THIS is definitely going on the list of good things in the south in the summer.

    (Love those little kitties!)

  6. I don't think I've ever been in a screened porch before. We don't have them here in California. I get the idea of them, and those pictures make me want one. I love the two cats at the door.

  7. Love the south. Would probably love the south right now. Would undoubtedly love sitting on your screened porch sipping wine right now. However, here in the very near future, you can count me out of the south until late Sept. Yea, late Sept. sounds great.

    (I've shed more sweat in your south in July than I care to think about. Messes up my electrolytes just remembering. My Dad's a cheapo with the air conditioning =)

    Enjoy your porch. It sounds lovely.


  8. It really sounds great. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Mama



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