Monday, June 15, 2009

Anybody Home?

The feral cat had kittens in the brush pile that is in my neighbor's yard. When Gus discovered them, he stood at the fence and waited for any twitch of dead leaves or the slightest mewing sound. The kittens, in the safety of their den, didn't understand what monster they were creating. By the time they made their debut, Gus was beside himself. Shortly after their debut, the mother cat started moving them around the neighboring back and front yards.

Gus, always hopeful, peers at the brush pile from his perch on the deck to see if they are back.

So he can run over and bark his brains out.


  1. Oh Gus, look at THAT FACE. Can you Fed Ex those kittens to SSG? She wants one. No she doesn't. Yes she does. NO. SHE. DOESN'T.

    (But yes she does.)

  2. Poor baby. He wants to be a Daddy!!!

  3. Molly! It's Paula Rushing- I stumbled onto your blog by accident somehow but I am SOOOOO excited it happened! I emailed you at gmail but did not hear back- I'd love to 'chat'! I told Gary last night that I'd 'found' you and he was excited too!! Email me if you get a chance

  4. I agree with Spit,
    I think the look of concern on Gus's face says it all. Baby kittens shouldn't live in brush piles - they should have a nice, warm safe house with a big ole Golden Retriever to watch over them.

  5. Sometime Gus can come over and play with our cats.



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