Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Molly's Folly

Ignore the messily hung tower on the towel bar. Ignore the clothes hanger on the window. Ignore the dog who has crumpled up the bath mat. Oh, and ignore that bath mat, too.

Now, focus on the shower curtain. Or as I like to call it: Molly's Folly. I call it that because it took forever to find the fabrics to put together to match my vision and then it was quite expensive. I'm not admitting how much. But a lot.

It's got black fabric on top with gold bees and gold piping and then the body of the curtain is a black / cream check and the black stripes have gold edges. It all goes together quite grandly and it was my "grown up shower curtain" back when I foolishly thought I would have a pulled together, color coordinated house.

So, after Molly's Folly had been hanging for about a year, a flaw in the fabric opened up in a totally random place were there was no stress and I safety pinned it. Then it got spotted with bathroom cleaner (read little bleach spots all over) and the hem got really dirty. So after letting it hang another year in such a sad state, I recently took Molly's Folly down and to the cleaners. I entered it into their "Can this Shower Curtain be Saved?" contest. I doubt it.

In it's place I hung two $29 dollar Simply Shabby Chic shower curtains from Target. See the cool ruffle above? Technically, only one shower curtain is in these pictures because I had to go to a second store to find a second curtain.

I've decided that they fit my lifestyle much better. And they lighten up the joint.
So we'll see about Molly's Folly and whether it can be rehabilitated. In the meantime, the plain white curtain will do.

Any Follies at your house?


  1. Oh yeah!
    spent a small fortune on fabric to make Mary engelbreit curtains for the little gal. Then we moved. And not only do the curtains not fit the windows, BUT the girl now likes unicorns...
    they were up for 3 months...

  2. Oh I love Mary Englebreit! What about selling them on Ebay? or Craig's list.

  3. Does folly include the roll of several yards of fabric that was going to be used to make matching bedroom curtains and dust ruffle?

    Who makes their own dust ruffle? What was I thinking?

  4. I love the way you think.

    Thanks for the visit recently. I have been laying very low on the blog thing but am coming back. I so enjoy doing it but a break now and again does the body good. I'm becoming way too addicted to fb and must fix that.

    I know that there is a lovely lunch/dinner visit in the future with my Atlanta friends. I'm looking forward to that someday.

    I had better go catch up on the rest of your posts. I like the white curtains......but I'm one who likes to change things up a bit. That can get expensive.

    Be well and thanks for friendship.


  5. Does your new shower curtain from Target also have ruffles on the bottom?

  6. I like the black and cream check!!! looks good to me. I also love the dog...



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