Friday, November 27, 2009

The Christmas Art Journal

Okay - I've got it put together, and thought I'd show you how it's turning out. Of course it won't be final until I use it as a journal.

I notice as I look at these, I have my page 2 in the 3rd page position. That #2 is a Santa shaped playing card...

The reindeer was in an unrelated pack of Christmas stuff. But he fit right in, didn't he?

This was an experiment. There are these transparent Hambly overlays that I haven't seen in stores around here. So I made my own: I printed a holiday pattern on a transparency film I had, and stitched a white piece of cardstock to the back with my mini-fake battery powered sewing machine.

Love this one.

That's a vintage Santa from the Night Before Christmas on the back of the preceding make room for a photo or journaling I cut the story lines into strips and stuck them on top of Santa...The facing page is a baseball card protector cut to fit and it will hold 8 photos or mementos.
Cut up a page protector, cut a bit of Christmas tree lace and stitched them together along side the lace to make a page pocket. Behind that you can see a vintage educational bingo card.

This might be my favorite page...I put together scraps from other pages to make the front and stuck them to a solid piece on the back.

Here's another one I particularly like. The girl is on two or three foam stickies for depth, and a photo or note will slide into the white card with the circular cutout below.
This one will have journaling on the front, and a photo on the back.

A vintage page with O Come Let Us Adore Him is the last page.

To be honest, I have about 4 more pages to make, but the binder rings are strained now, so I won't make more until I get bigger rings.

This has been a lot of fun to do. Now to see if I can stick with the journal part through December!


  1. This book is quite divine. A lot of hard and creative work. I'm very impressed with your holiday energy!

  2. Girl...this is awesome!!! I love it. You really do beautiful and creative work.

  3. Entirely too cute!! You've been busy. How was your Thanksgiving?

  4. I wish I had it in me to be this creative. Not a patient or creative bone in this body though. Love looking at your cute work though.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Hope you can take those pictures at work too. Looking forward to it.

    Miss being here more. I do check in though!



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