Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blogger Comment Block

I've been distracted from the blogging world by having to return to work. It put a crimp in my style (for all of 2 days). Yesterday three of us took a field trip at lunch to a nearby thrift store, and everyone came away with something:

- one book and two disney videos for a grandchild (he's finally old enough to enjoy watching movies)
- one monogrammed ice bucket, one cut glass platter and a small cut glass bowl (possibilities are endless)
- one pair of wing back chairs (5.99 each)

Guess which was me?

And then there was my mother's phone emergency. Let's just say that this whole marketing thing of "all you need is a cell phone, land lines are so yesterday" falls apart when said cell phone keeps ending your calls and you can't call customer service for help because you get cut off mid-sentence! Then they say "you need to call us from another phone that works so we can help you".

["I want to say my sen tence". Name that classic tv program.]

The wind is picking up outside. Could this mean that we are going to get some cooler weather? It's disconcerting to have 70 degree weather at New Year's, but, hey, plenty of years we've played outside in shorts on Christmas and New Year's, so I'm not sure why I'm always surprised by warm temps on major holidays.

Did anyone besides me notice when PioNeer Woman said something like "I'm making some changes to the front of my blog so if I don't have anything to say blah blah blah"? What did that mean exactly? No fair getting me hooked and then walking away.

And, and, and do you feel pressured to come up with witty or insightful or meaningful comments on your favorite blogs? Oh boy, do I ever. That's why I lurk. It's hard to always be a contributor. Come on, some of us in life are just takers not contributors. We read the blog, laugh or admire the artwork or ponder the deep thoughts shared and are better for the exposure. Sometimes we snort coffee out of our noses at an unexpected funny (no, I have no experience with that, just want to be inclusive). So for those of you who haven't heard from me, I'm behind because of work, and I'm facing blogger comment block.

If I hadn't given up making New Year's Resolutions, I would resolve to only say Hi, I enjoy your blog or Thanks for the blog on the days when I have nothing to contribute. Because the blogger likes to have comments! I totally get that and covet comments too. But sometimes all the good comments are taken by the people who got there first.

Just like thrift stores. See how I tied two of the random things together? Cool, huh?

And the answer to the question is that I bought the wing chairs because I saw an article in Cottage Living or Domino or somewhere about someone who got thrift store chairs and recovered them in a linen piped in black with a black monogram. Guess what my plan is? The chairs were in good structural condition, didn't smell funny and I think the scale fits my miniscule house. Pictures later.

Celebrate safely tonight if you're going to be out.

Happy New Year!


  1. I can't wait to see the chairs. Your brother and I were just talking last night about how we need to be better stewards and do more Thrift Store shopping. You can't beat a 5.99 chair & you have the added bonus of making it truly yours.

  2. Feel free to come and stay a couple of days and we will scour thrift stores together. Dawn can be our guide, because she has been on it lately.

  3. You are so witty and inspire me creatively and I am just loving your photos as of late.

    The comments: Sometimes they come more easily then others. I am much more comfortable leaving a comment after I have gotten to know the writer's blog.

    Pioneer Woman: Who knows...she is always shaking things up. She has a weird sense of humor sometimes, but I just love her posts and her photography and her evil cinnamon buns.

    Great find on the chairs! I can not wait to see them when you are finished.


  4. Man, Carrie! That's what I wanted to say!!

    Wait, I don't know your brother......


  5. Have you tried her Cheese Muffins?! Instant hit at our household.

    Of course, the wingback chairs were yours - now could you just find a side board before I spend real money??

    By the way....yes 20 degrees tonight when we will be walking from the Chik Fil A Bowl to MARTA - I HATE cold weather.

  6. I noticed that TOO about PW!!! She can't go ... she'd have a whole herd of people showing up at her house demanding posts.

    Have a wonderful New Year's! Chairs for $5.99?! That's CRAZY. Love your plans for them--I like a good monogram myself. I think I'm a southern belle at heart ... especially if you have 70 degree temps. I. Am. Moving.



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