Monday, January 19, 2009

What's Wrong with this Picture? Contest

Below is a puzzle I face every time my cleaning ladies come.

[A note to those who believe having someone come in and clean is a luxury: it is. I am a terrible housekeeper, and I believe in recognizing your weaknesses. Plus, in this economy, that I hire someone helps keep the economy moving. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.]

Leave a comment on what you think is wrong with this picture and correct entries will be entered to win...

a vintage postcard of the symbol of our nation.

The Grand Ol' Flag. It transcends party, affiliation, race, creed or religion. It is the symbol of the greatest country on earth. It represents a place that rewards effort, provides opportunity and is a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. It is the flag of a nation founded on principles that have stood the test of debate and disagreement, attacks from without and within and the whims of popular culture.

And though it's citizens are far from perfect, they are the most fortunate in the world, because they unite under this banner.

And tomorrow, as we inaugurate a president you may or may not have voted for, look for this symbol. Tomorrow this symbol will wave over a nation founded on the rule of law, that for over 200 years has observed the orderly transfer of power, and it will happen again tomorrow.
Edited to add: the contest will run through Friday.

This card shows a flag before Alaska and Hawaii - it has 48 stars. It was published by the Asheville Post Card Company, Asheville, NC, and has never been used. In the place for the stamp is a note "one cent stamp".


  1. Looks to me like the "eyes" aren't put back on correctly. They aren't all symmetrical - something about the back left one looks like it's not fitting correctly. (Maybe I'm just fixated on that because my cleaning lady no longer cleans because I went almost insane trying to put my stove top back together after her....)

  2. It looks to me like it's perfectly clean BEFORE the cleaning ladies arrived. You simply can't stand to leave the stove top dirty for them. It drives you batty every single time because you want to leave it clean but you just CAN'T!!

    Okay, I'm with you. Hired someone to help me a few months back and I'm in love with her. (Thinking of leaving Scott.) Last week, before I left the house and after her arrival, I cleaned the stove top because I couldn't stand leaving it for her. She thought I was nuts and rolled her eyes at me.

    That's my guess.


  3. I meant you want to leave it for THEM TO clean but you just CAN'T!!


  4. Okay, wait. I looked again. Cycle Mom was right. All four of the grates are on wrong, I think.

  5. I really do not have a looks absolutely perfect to me.


  6. The grates are on upside down...right???

  7. The little black things are backwards aren't they?


  8. I was gonna cheat and research the correct placement of the grills, but then I felt guilty for using my professional skillz to win a contest...honestly it looks perfect to me...but then I am the one who tried to shove the large burner into the small burner spot...

    I do love that post card though, so maybe you could just feel sorry for me and let me win based on premise alone. You can always go fabric shopping for me...that'll work too.

    Or maybe I just need to come down there for a long weekend...ROAD TRIP TO ATL!!! We of course would have to make a trip to The Varsity so I could at least smell the food.

    Love you...cana you tell I am over worked? We got 5 more projects today...the market is exploding!!!




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