Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Hokey Pokey

Do you have something that you love to do but you don't have the time/money/talent/whatever to do it? Something that when you do it, the rest of the world falls away and just for a bit you have no cares? Something that makes your skirt fly up?

I've always dabbled in photography. There was something magical about capturing a moment on film and later on a memory card. Really fabulous when the result is what you saw in the viewfinder.

Like most things, it's use it or lose it. Or maybe work it and grow it.

Last November, I did something to satisfy that desire to take good pictures. I don't necessarily have a burning desire to be a photographer, I just want to be the one who can take good pictures and capture the moment, the fun, the ages, the stages, places or states of being. So, I invested in a photography workshop and I convinced my friend Candi to give it whirl.

We had a great time looking at equipment, learning about how to control light, because it's all about light, what equipment mattered, what didn't, how to process...and we had a real photoshoot. Now you can see that too, just click here. Don't bother looking for Candi or me in the group photo, we had to leave in time to catch our flight home, so we weren't there. But you can see the results of the photoshoot.

What's the thing you do or always wanted to try that will let you tap into your creative side and enrich your life? Is it write, hmmm? it is paint, draw, crochet, quilt, sew, refinish, mold, design? Is it have a blog? Is it ballroom dancing? is it decorating cakes?
So, whatever that thing is...just stick your toe in.

No, just stick your right foot in. Take your right foot out.

Stick your right foot in.

And shake it all about.

And that's what it's all about.


  1. You know I play creative hokey pokey every chance I can....

    Thanks for believing in me Molly and yes, i thought about that after they called...I said, WOW...I need to complain more often because God was definitely listening.

    I am doing two jobs right now, but that's okay...I love a challenge.


  2. Your pictures are amazing--you are one talented lady! And yesss for me it's writing : ) Which I have been doing quite a bit of thankyouverymuch!



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