Saturday, January 3, 2009

Black Cat

This little girl is a feral cat that hangs out near my house. She makes Gus ga-ga (not in a good way). She was playing in my monkey grass just before I snapped this. I've been trying to figure out how to feed her but not the nasty, mean, gray tom that I've seen around. I know that's not a good thing to do, but I hate that she isn't inside on cold or wet nights.


  1. Hmmm, I will have think about that one for a bit.

    She is beautiful. I am such a sucker for animals. Even the ones who are not so nice.

  2. Yeah, I think if you start feeding them you're going to have every stray in the neighborhood. Will the Humane Society come out and get them but without putting them to sleep?

    I know how you feel though. I wish I could take every stray dog, cat and kid in.

  3. This is probably a bizarre comment, but I love it's tail...maybe it's because my dad accidentally cut my cat't tail off when I was in third grade when it was hiding in the engine. That's an entirely different story....

  4. Love the framing of the pic.

    I'm not one of those animal suckers,not that those who love animals are suckers....seriously! It's just that God didn't make me that way. Oh well! Good luck with your dilemma.

    Love the way you photographed the cat.




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