Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Use the force, Luke

I've been working on being one with my camera. Only, when it's January and you're in a quasi financial role, there's not a lot of free time, if you define free time as time not in the office. Which I do.


Lately I've been here and there at work and I notice things that would make a great shot and my hands tingle (I used to read this and think, meh-making it up) because I want to pick up my camera and take a picture. But I can't because it's back in my bag in my office on another floor.

So I'm reduced to taking a veritable bumper crop of sleeping dogs. Large sleeping dogs.

Like this one.

Then I've done paw studies. Here's one...

And finally, just for kicks, the entire sleeping dog. The ginormous sleeping dog. That is not supposed to be on the sofa. But because I needed a subject, I've grown soft on crime.

Tonight I was so desperate to take a picture, I took one of my empty office. With that southern icon, Coca-Cola [Zero] on my desk.

I really need to clean up.


I did.

Then that wasn't enough. I opened my blinds and turned off my light to see the view of the south of the city. And promptly got Lauren and me in the reflection. (Right under my head is Turner Field, where the Braves play ball, and the building that is down from Lauren is Georgia's State capital building, with the gold dome. Real gold. )

Then I had to explain myself to the guy in the office next to me (the one who pulled me out of accounting into the business side) only, he didn't really ask, I think he's resigned to seeing the camera pop out now.

I'll be back tomorrow with some photo studies of the wood grain pattern in my floors. Or how about grout close ups?


  1. I understand about the work schedule BUT I do love the big puppy photos...I never tire of these.

    I worked a ten hour day yesterday and the bosses gave me a remote log in so now I can work more hours from home...Yipee!!! I have 6 projects in various states of progress and I am the new Laboratory job to no job to two jobs...delegation and time management are my new best friends.

    Oh, to explain...meandering is driving around on a quilt like a drunk...going up and down, here and there...just wherever...sitiching in the ditch is sewing right in the middle of the straight lines which can not be done while drinking wine.

    Have awonderful day.

    Love you,


  2. I love taking pictures of the sleeping pup and her paws too. Why do they have to tangle all of their limbs together and have such enticing floppy ears? She used to wake up every time I got close with my camera, now she doesn't even crack an eyelid.

    Ahhh to have an office with a view (and a door!) instead of a cube with an ugly picture on the wall ... a girl can dream.

  3. I tried to comment this morning, but that dang blue question mark box had a battle and I lost. So, here we go again.

    I have started just carrying my point and shoot with me everywhere. Realizing it has a manual mode was just....well, just plain liberating. It's definitely not the same as our new lenses, but I have gotten a few neat shots just because I had it handy.

    And, I like the reflections even with you and Bridgette.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to tell you I am digging your profile. Not sure when you "enhanced" it, but I like it.

  5. Your letter is, hmmmmmm.....F

    take the honest scrap too, because you know I am always honest with you during our private talks!!!




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