Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On Duty

It may interest you to know that I live on a small farm. It's not nearly as large a spread as Pioneer Woman"s or the 7MSN Ranch, but it does require working dogs. I have Gus and Cotton to help me with squirrel, feral cat and mole/vole herds. [Who can tell those mole/vole things apart other than Beatrix Potter, hmm?]

They take their jobs seriously. Join us for a day in the life, won't you?

Gus and Cotton are taking up their posts.

Here, Gus is in position, in the lookout position.

Here's Gus, looking out. He may have spied the freak-o-nature possum that lives just beyond the fence line or possibly BlackTom, the little black tom cat that keeps all the feral kitties riled up.

Keeping an eye on potential trouble.

The long view - always alert.

Cotton is returning from riding fence line. She dug, er, found, a hole that needs fixing. She'll report it to Gus, who'll report it to management.

Lookout and Patrol eyeing BlackTom.

Shift's over (don't let these two fool you, they're clock watchers).


  1. I know I tell you this all the time, but I'm SERIOUSLY moving into your neighborhood. Fisher can pick up a shift to give those two some time off. Ohmahgah, the week a raccoon was living in my tree out back I thought I was going to have to climb up and skin it myself. It. Drove. Fisher. CRAZY. And after a while I think it did it on purpose.

  2. Come on down! We can totally put you up and there are plenty of varmints to go around. And I know the squirrels find the two tree limbs to sit on and give the dogs the finger. One day those dogs are going to figure it out...



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