Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pet Peeve

Today Gus, Cotton and I set out for our arctic stroll. Tundra trek. Oh all right, I'm exaggerating about the cold. Actually by the end of the walk I removed my scarf. It was a long walk.

Anyway, the subject of my post is a pet peeve. I live in a neighborhood full of dog-walking, kid strolling, bike riding, runners and kids playing.

This morning, for the nth time, I was nearly run over by someone who refused to slow down for a pedestrian. It was a cab. It seemed as though the cab picked up speed after I was certain it saw us, but perhaps that was just a perception because it was a little scary.

I do all I can to be visible at night: I wear a reflective vest, and until the blinkies' batteries died, the dogs sported little lights.

But during the daylight, I say an adult plus one normal sized golden and one gigantor golden waving his fluffy tail high and proud should be pretty visible (illustration of normal and gingantor above).

Is anything urgent enough to run down people in a residential neighborhood where one should be driving the speedlimit anyway?


  1. Did you happen to get the name of the cab company? I would call and complain...that is just the worst thing ever and they should hear about it.

    I can not stand people who do is so unnecessary and is definitely a peeve of mine as well.

    Love ya,


  2. Yes, it amazes me but people will even pick up speed when they see a posse of kids walking/bike riding etc. What's worse is when you recognize the person driving!

  3. I used to live where the WORST offender was the EMT who lived down the street. Kids, dogs, people walked all over, no sidewalks so they were always in the street and this maniac would zip by at 45-60 MPH.
    It stopped the day he killed the lady across the streets dog.
    So sad.
    makes me hurt all over just thinking about it.
    NOTHING is urgent enough to risk some one's life.
    ( and i am fighting with your comment thingy again, It gives me a blue question mark instead of letters! 3rd attempt...

  4. Sorrow - I've been having the blue question mark thingy. I thought it was just me and my connection.

    Any should definitely call the cab company and complain.



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