Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For a Good Cause

In early January a popular bartender was brutally murdered during a robbery. Thankfully, a young woman with him in the bar was spared.

Since then there has been a lot of speculation that the city's budget cuts indirectly led to the young man's death because of furloughs of the police force.

Patrons and area business owners are trying to raise money for a reward since there are no leads at present.

We are big supporters of downtown and the police force.

And lunch.

So when area restaurateurs decided to donate a portion of today's lunch and supper proceeds to the reward fund, we were there.

The restaurants were armed with the mighty pen. Really. We were offered the opportunity to fill out letters to elected officials, sort of a lunch list petition.

See that lovely, fresh, green celery on the far left of the bar? Does it make you think of Bloody Mary's? Is it wrong to think fondly of Bloody Mary's when you are eating lunch for a cause?

If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

The fuzzy area on the lower right is a shoulder. That shoulder works in my office.

I should point out I was actually taking pictures today. Out in the open. No stealth pictures here.

The name of the restaurant we chose?

6 Feet Under.


  1. I guess that means you had decent enough weather to get out of your driveway today. Good for you. No.....really, I do mean it.

    Paid $35 to get out of my driveway, but whatever.

    I'm making a choice to live vicariously through you and Candice for the next two months. More flower pictures please!

    Traci (enjoying --cough, cough-- OH weather today.)

  2. I love that place! Really, Traci,you wouldn't have liked it. It's across from a cemetery and the weather today was grey and drizzly. The food is all greasy and fried....and....well, yummy. Ok, ok. I did just drive out of my driveway.

    If it makes you feel better Christopher would kill for snow. I wouldn't mind a snow day so I could work on my scrapbooking....I am so ready for spring. You really must come visit.

  3. :-) Thanks for the smile, Candice! I must go to bed. Even though they are on a 2 hour delay tomorrow they still wake up early.

    Maybe I'll do pancakes tomorrow.

    Sleep well!

  4. If celery and Bloody Mary's are for a cause, then it's a win/win! Especially at lunch! I'm pretty sure I can use that excuse for my lemon wedge and lemon drops then too, right?! Sa-weet!

  5. Ya gotta do, what ya gotta are such a giver!!!

    I hope you are feeling better. feeling yucko is just no fun!

    Love ya,




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