Monday, January 5, 2009

BOLO Thank You

Thanks to everyone who said they'd keep an eye out or recommended a place to look.

I'll cross my fingers that some turn up. Sorrow said she saw one but would have to recall what shop she was in - and boy do I know that feeling. These days I'm happy to remember where I parked let alone what store I was in when I saw something.

Marlene recommended a place to look and that she'd keep an eye out.

SSG disavowed any shopping tendencies whatsoever, but I know she'll let me know if any fall out of NFKACN's car when he flees the law in the dead of night again.

And SIL Carrie is looking, too. Ooh, just think when you get moved there will be all the new antique/thrift stores to learn!


  1. Don't ever let anyone say SSG isn't THERE for you 100%.

  2. I think they remind me of Lladro, but they are made in Spain, not Japan.

    I will keep at it. Did you send Ruby Lane an email?




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