Friday, January 2, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post:

The angelic puppy below escaped the fenced yard this morning around 5-something-ish or 0dark:30 as we call the wee hours. I let Gus and Cotton out into the backyard and in a little bit heard a "something's wrong" bark from Gus. Cotton was gone. Profoundly gone. The last time she bounced around in the leaves just outside the fence and tormented Gus, but this time - poof. My stomach fell and I went inside and changed into clothes, got keys, cellphone and flashlight and wondered how to call a dog and not wake up the neighbors. I drove to the street that most closely is opposite my backyard, and still nothing.

Sigh. Nothing to do but call in reinforcements. I called Cindy. Who promptly said she was on her way (what a pal!, but really, we need to stop meeting over stray pets). I stood in the street below Paul's and the Treehouse (restaurants both) and whistled. I had settled on this as the way to call her without having irate neighbors shoot me from their porches. Plus this is how I call them in from the backyard.

Finally, nearly silently, this slender yellow creature came out of the shadows and murk. I called her to me and she came, seemingly relieved. I quickly dialed Cindy but she was already in her car, so she came on and had coffee with me back at Chez Jail Break.

Cotton is now sleeping it off with her nose tucked in the dog bed cushions.

We rejoin our current post already in progress:

These are my Christmas cards below. About 3 years ago I started making my own cards, using photos and scrapbooking supplies. Normally I finish about 2 weeks before Christmas. Not this year. I got them in envelopes on Christmas Eve! And forgot to put on return addresses. And didn't make enough. But the effect was fun, though: I modpodged the image and sprinkled crystal snow on it while wet. The result was a shiny image that sparkled when you moved it, but didn't seem to shed glitter everywhere.

Two of my most favorite people and I had dinner here (see below) the Tuesday evening before Christmas (Hi, Signe & Rick!). It was a wonderful time of good company and good food. I'm glad to have a new place to add to my list. It's in Brookhaven, across from the MARTA station, and very cozy inside.

Below is one of the two chair finds. I've got several pictures stored away so I can do a before and after. See what looks like a wet mark on the seat and about 1/3 of the way up the front of the arm? Both chairs are terribly faded, with some picks on the back edges of the fabric. They are rather heavy, which tells me they have good hardwood frames. The seat seems to be in good condition as it is not sagging underneath. I'm very encouraged and just need to do some minimal touch ups to the legs before taking them to the upholsterer.

And, last but not least: I finally took what is my favorite Christmas tree shot just as it's time to take it down. In fact, I was going to take it down yesterday, but wasn't feeling well and spent most of the day and evening on my sofa. With a blanket.

Hope you have a fun New Year's weekend. I'm taking a little break unless something exciting happens. I have some computer maintenance and, as it turns out, some fence maintenance to do.
Til next, ya'll.


  1. How scary! I'm glad you found Cotton. It's good that you have one well-behaved child that tattles on the other one when she get's into trouble.

  2. Cotton needed some new year's excitement after the slumber party on your bed! I am glad that all is well.

    Love those cards! You are really creative with your camera.

    OMG...those chairs were a GREAT find. I can not wait to see the end result. What a blessing.

    Have a great weekend and we will see you soon.


  3. Block Head Response-

    I totally agree...I think that's where I was trying to go with my thought, but your help got me there...I guess I am struggling with that whole "what is correct" from a personal point of view. I don't know, it's just something that is nagging at me. Irritating me like a scratch I can not reach.

    Different is good...I love different...why on earth be normal? But why does society have such a problem with those who go against the norm?

    Have a wonderful Saturday, my sweet friend.


  4. Oh puppy! Why do they do such things?! I love how she was in between 2 restaurants though--SSG would totally go there if she were a dog too.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  5. Oh how scary! I am glad Cotton is home safe and sound. I went through something like that with one of my dogs. I walked for an hour and half with the other dog calling his name and adding the word "treat" every so often. I was in tears by the time I got home. As I turned the corner, there he was prancing every so happily right to me.



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