Thursday, January 29, 2009


Welcome to the corner of my living room. On this wall is a cabinet I found at my favorite consignment store. I love that store.

In this cabinet are some collections. I have many. But today we are focusing on three.

Below on this top shelf are the Wade figurines. They came as premiums in Red Rose tea. I think you can still get figurines in Red Rose Tea. Anyway, this is the nursery rhyme set. I love the Gingerbread Man. And Puss in Boots. Oh, and Cat from Hey, Diddle Diddle. Did you know the Mother Goose rhymes were political commentary? Boy has that changed over the years, huh? It took me years of prowling antique shows and flea markets to get the full set. The Gingerbread Man was the hardest one to find.

Tearing myself away from the Wades, we have some Faberge egg replicas. The ones I bought during my Faberge egg stage.

The one on the far right is my all time favorite, and it's a pretty faithful replica. I have a big book on Faberge eggs. You know Malcolm Forbes collected Faberge Eggs along with riding that Harley and running that magazine. The one on the far left is a music box. The next one holds potpourri. I can't recall what the purple one has going for it. Purple, I guess.

See the little pyramiddy piece of ceramic? You can't tell but it says "Hi There" and has a flower on it. The top has two holes and the bottom is open. I have no idea what is meant for, but it's cheery and it sat on my Grandmother's kitchen shelves for years. It reminds me of her. And it makes me smile.

Last, but certainly not least. The bottom shelf. The sentimental collection. On the left is a little chick I found in a flea market. It's just like ones my mother put in our Easter baskets for two or three years. And the carriage - it was my nightlight! I know, it's cute, right? And then there's a German Shepherd that my assistant Catherine gave me one year when I had to have my Piper put down. Tucked back in the back corner is a lighter my Grandfather had. And a ceramic hydrangea box. I love hydrangeas. Tucked in the left most corner are a pair of wire rim glasses that belonged to my great grandfather Hoyt. Hoyt Weathers. He was a dairy farmer, a US Marshall and very dapper.

Now dust yourselves off. I know, I saw that dust on those shelves too. I guess keeping the door shut doesn't keep all the dust out.

We'll go across the room and visit the shelves on either side of the fireplace sometime soon and I'll show you my pottery collection.
What do you collect?


  1. Dust bunnies,
    dog hair tumble blobs,
    cat toys
    kid toys
    really bad jokes!

  2. fabric
    more fabric
    Dale Earnhardt Sr and Jr stuff
    Vera Bradley bags

    About the Nursery Rhymes, Ring around the Rosies, Pocket full of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down...The Black Plague

  3. I don't collect.

    I toss.


    It makes me happy! :)

    Your collections are beautiful.


  4. I love your collections! And that they have their own little house!

    I'm like Traci--I don't collect too much stuff because people find out you like oh I don't know ... shoes ... and then you get a TON of tacky shoe stuff. Perhaps I'll start a collection of $100 bills.



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