Sunday, January 18, 2009

Souper Saturday

Before I get to the point, look at the display in mfC's fireplace: we found the tray and the stool on a consignment store run during the holidays. The bluey green in the tray picks up the stool color...

New York may have it's Soup Nazi, but Atlanta has Souper Jenny. And when it's cold and raw like it was yesterday, nothing beats Jenny's soups: My Dad's Turkey Chili, Black Bean with Corn and Peppers, Mushroom, Tomato Pesto...vats of warmth and sunshine ready for consumption. The menu changes daily. You can buy quarts to take home.

Now, I am not yet bold enough to whip out my camera and brazenly take pictures of people eating soup. So what you are about to see are stealth photos of the view from my tabletop. In the first, Jenny (I think) is in the brown and pink T's and jeans...

Here's a good shot of the homey wooden counters assembled to dish up the soup. There's a $12 special: soup, bread, sandwich or salad, cookie and piece of fruit. Oh, and drink. The restaurant is cozy and bright.

From the time we walked in to the time we walked out, there were constantly people in line - we arrived around 1:45, and left around 3...

The great news is Jenny published a cookbook, and I left with one in my hot little hand. Today I shall go out and gather the ingredients for Chicken Tortilla Soup, the first soup I tried at Jenny's, and the one to which I lost my heart. Then I shall cook it in my kitchen, in the soup pots that get far too little use.
And then I shall enjoy a bowl of sunshine here at home.


  1. What time shall I be there? LOL...I am craving something soupy today as well...yum.


  2. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful place! Enjoy your soup! Well, Jenny's soup, made by your hand.


  3. Mmmmm. I love soup too and eat A LOT of it in Portland! We have a guy that makes homemade soup every morning and sells it from a little cart by my office. He has great seasonal salads and gives you a huge chunk of baguette. SSG has a little crush on him. And not only because his food is delicious. Who doesn't like a guy that can cook? I'll try and do a little hidden camera action on him one day.

    Thanks for your comment today--I can't tell you how much the support means to me!



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