Monday, January 5, 2009

The Jig is Up

Well, all this lovely, lazy time of hanging out with friends and family and just plain hanging out is over. It's back to work and doggy runaround (daycare) today, which is to say a return to the routine.

Routines are not so bad unless you are getting back in them. Then there's a bit of adjustment.

And I have a hole in my fence. That's just a random thing I'm trying to get worked out, nothing really to do with routine. Except that it disturbs it. The routine.

Today I have to address an open item from work that came up just before the holidays. I've been waiting for the bolt of lightning to provide inspiration. Just between us, it never came! On the other hand, it's been percolating in the back of my mind, and I think I have an approach. Cross your fingers. I am.


  1. I want my routine back...I still feel so lost without it. Istill wake up at 5:00 and then realize there is no need to wake up so early...

    I love problems to solve...things to research...make the wheels of my brain move...

    I miss my routine. Hurry up economy.


  2. Well look at it this could have thrown your phone in the washing machine yesterday...or one of your two kitchen sinks could be leaking all over the floor...and then there's the fact that the refrigerator died sometime yesterday...

    At least that's "three" -- as in bad things come in happy new year!


  3. Today was horrible. Not really - work was fine. But it was the fact that the routine had to start again. I had totally retreated into my night owl personality, which does NOT involve getting up at 6 to get to work. Oh, long until MLK day?

  4. Yes. Night owl. Yes. or should I say "hooty who"?



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