Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning Curve

As I mentioned in my interview, I got the lens I thought would be a great versatile lens. That one, coupled with Canon's nifty 50 (their 50mm lens for less than $100) are my two favorite lens. Only, the 24-70mm is a little intimidating, so it sat in its box under my Christmas tree while I worked with the 50mm.

I got it out Saturday, and went to the back back yard after noticing this lovely fragrance that I finally tracked down. What? Oh. The back back yard is yard that is mine but outside the fence so that the furkids can't get to it. There's an old barbecue built back there. It's really pretty neat and I keep meaning to go grill something back there.

I digress.

This is not the source of the fragrance. But it is a snap I took near the source. It's dead blossoms from the oak trees that only recently were dislodged by the wind.

400 ISO


  1. Amazingly, Incredibly BREATHTAKING!!!

    I am soooo your photog go girl!

    I need laboratory analysts on call...LOL... AND I have three Phase Is due in a week.

    Love ya,

    Marlene The Machine has the word PHOTO in it...does that help?

  2. That is really, really pretty! I'm glad you were able to get the lens. We should have a cook out in the back back yard next time we visit. The kids would LOVE that.

  3. Quite nice.

    And, you can interview me, but not until the end of this week. Leaving for Chicago and I will have to thaw out. Expecting a high of 5. Who plans trips when it's that cold?!

  4. So pretty! Wait, what was the source of the yummy smell?

  5. Great photo! Love the bokeh in this shot.


  6. Hey Mol! I've decided I need to take more breaks in my day so I read this one...the photo is lovely.




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