Saturday, November 1, 2008

Same Time Next Year

So, Halloween 2008 is in the books, people. It's time to pack away those Halloween decorations and look toward Thanksgiving. Which is my favorite holiday, in terms of celebration. No gifts or materialism bogging up the works.

Anyway, these are the decorations that will be getting packed up this weekend. They are like old friends you see every so often but when you do you pick up right where you left off.

The little stovepipe jack-o-lantern (top right) came from the shop with the candycorn tree (not pictured) and that was the same store my sister and I bought a huge metal holiday train, whimble style. It had a Dr. Suess feel. Since it was nearly New Year's when we bought these, we saved a LOT of money. yea, that's the story

The witch on the stack of books (bottom center) came from mfC the first year I was in this house. It had a plant in it...which I promptly killed. But I love it, it has a vintage feel and came from one of my favorite stores, Boxwoods.

The metal jack-o-lantern (bottom right) was a hostess gift the year I got myself together and threw a Ghoulfriend party at my house. This is the first year I remembered to put it out, and with it's candle lit, I loved it there by the front steps. I should point out that if I were judging my house by the post earlier this week, I would be a WALLFLOWER!

I think my favorite would be the mostly paper item with the black cat and punkin (top left). It's simple, paper and really has a long ago feel.

Til next Halloween, decorations. You can rest safe in the knowledge that I spent all my allowance this year getting the basement leak fixed.

See you Same Time Next Year!


  1. I love the 1937 pictures, how nostalgic. Halloween has always been celebrated much more in America than over here but I think kids are catching on now, especially to the treats! Great pictures.

    CJ xx

  2. Oh, gonna miss all the spooky stuff, and thanksgiving ..hmm
    so NOT ready!



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