Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weather update

I just turned on the tv to check the weather channel, and there it was: the weather peeps were saying "two inches of rain in Troy, Alabama" and showing Troy on the weather map.

1. Troy is my hometown

2. There are some stir crazy kids in Troy if it's rained two inches worth

3. There are some parents who wish it would stop raining in Troy, Alabama

I'm going to walk my dogs before the rain in Troy, Alabama gets to Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. Rain, rain, go away! Yes we are stir crazy. The kids are currently playing their nintendo ds's while Rob tries to watch the Alabama/Auburn game.

  2. Stir crazy wasn't the half of it. Then came the eventual running in the house and....well... you can imagine. Of course, we didn't leave until after THE game so we drove back to Atlanta in it. Yick. At least the stir crazy boys slept. (And, by the way, Whitey's rain gauge said over 2.5")



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