Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam

I can't seem to kick the clutter. But it's genetic, I'm from a long line of cluttered relatives, those who figured that spending time with family, cooking, playing with your camera, reading, walking your dogs or napping was more important that dealing with the flotsam and jetsam of life.

Below is my desk. The picture tells the story.

In a few days, family will be arriving. The question is if the clutter will be gone before they get here.

Did I mention this is a small house? As in very little storage?

This is a small house. With very little no storage to speak of. Just changing out the wardrobe for each season is painful.

I made a schedule that spread out the clutter eradication tasks into manageable bites over the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Starting today and ending in triumph on Wednesday.

I'm already behind.

Help me.


  1. You mastered strikeouts!

    No help here, sister. I've got my own issues.

  2. This was the first picture I took with the new lens. Me likey.

  3. trash bags.
    lots of trash bags
    when they leave you can sort the mess
    it's what i do every year!

  4. Just leave it how it is. We will feel right at home!

  5. Oooooh lists! I love them ... especially breaking down big tasks (read: impossible tasks) into manageable ones (read: still impossible). My advice is this: Find a box, fill it with everything on the desk surface that will fit. Put the box under your desk and push your chair in. Straighten up the remaining desk items. Now off to go shove the entire contents of my office into my closet for my friends that are coming this week! Please pray that the hinges hold.

  6. Ok it speaks volumns that you ahve to make a SCHEDULE to clear up the clutter :)


  7. So okay, SSGirl read my mind and knows my practices! Grandma Laverne



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