Saturday, November 29, 2008

Midas Touch

Gus, surveying his kingdom from the highest vantage point. The light is golden, and so is he.

Gus is very tuned into the weather - when it's sunny, he's upbeat and bouncy. When it's overcast, he's a bit subdued but he's still up for a walk or a rousing game of chase in the backyard. When it's rainy, as it is today, and the house is darkish and the rain is pattering constantly on the roof, he's downright mopey, possibly because he knows no walks are happening in the rain and cold (we walk in the summer if it's just sprinkling).

Cotton at the back gate, always a dirt road sport

Cotton is unfazed by the weather. She's more catlike, happy to curl up rain or shine until there's an outing or she spies some mischief she can perpetrate, making me suspect that there was a cat in the kennels with her. Plus she makes this noise that at best could be called a purr. And where Gus is loathe to get his feet or face wet in the rain, turning back just three short steps from the back door, Cotton just puts her head down and gets it done.

Gus and Cotton gild my life every day.

1 comment:

  1. They're both great and great-looking. Grandma Laverne



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