Monday, November 24, 2008

A Million Pieces

This is the corner of my deck - the deck that apparently is going to split into millions of pieces. See the cracks? I'm assured that's from the drought.

Makes me wonder what surprises the trees have in store for me.

Anyway - this is about the 5th picture I've taken with my new lens. See the lovely out of focus yellow leaves in the background?

I'm trying to get the hang of it before the Thursday gets here. I want to make the most of the, live models victims um, family while they're here.

Plus, I've made a rule for myself: I can't buy the other lens until I have mastered this one.

Now that's what I call motivation.


  1. Either the lens...or the lens keeper, is gtting pretty good at this!


  2. I think that is really amazing work. I like how the post is in focus but the leaves are not. Really crisp.


  3. Awww, now why did you have to go and put a criteria on the next lens?

    Nice shot.

  4. Love that shot too! And the color of those leaves. I'm glad fall is holding on for as long as it possibly can. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a short winter!

  5. So........spill! Which lens is it? Maybe I should read further to find out.

    Nice blog! I'll be back!

    Traci (From Chicago)

  6. You are so good with your camera. Grandma Laverne. The photo is great, by the way.



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