Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday: Halloween 1937

My dad was born deaf. He was one of the first babies born to a mother who had contracted rubella (german measles) during pregnancy. It was two years, maybe three before they figured out he couldn't hear. Once they did, they sent him to a school to learn to sign and lip read, so he could function in the hearing world. He left for school at age 3 but was back home by age 8 and graduated from public high school and trade school - in effect he was mainstreamed.

This is a photo from Halloween 1937 while he was at the Reinhardt School for the Deaf in Maryland, near Washington, DC. Dad is the little clown, center front. He's next to his friend Barbara, or Little Red Riding Hood.

After I saw my youngest nephew, Metz, in his clown costume, I realized how much he resembled Dad. I think they look very much alike!


  1. What gorgeous photographs. I love old photos and these are to be especially treasured.

    You are very blessed to have these and thanks so much for sharing them with us.


  2. Cute photos. I've never seen those before. I hadn't thought of it, because he looks so much like Rod, but Metz does resemble Bobby as well.



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