Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Night Sights

Did I ever talk about Eatzi's?

Meh, Eatzi's schmeatzis.

There's a new kid in town, and his name is Trader Joe.

Well, actually Joe has two metro locations already, but since neither of them is in a convenient location to me, they don't count.

Trader Joe is making me forsake Whole Foods and Fresh Market for him. He has great food and great prices. And he gave me a free shopping bag.

Even though I'd been a loyal customer for lo these many years-5-Whole Foods made me buy a bag. And HELLO, Fresh Market? Did you even offer any non paper or plastic shopping bags or has it been so long that trend happened since then?

On the first day of vacation Trader Joe sent me an invitation inviting me to come visit on Friday, and I'd get a free shopping bag and a chance to win $50 Trader Joe dollars. I penciled him in.

I invited myfriendCindy (mfC) to join us, that is, Joe and me. So she did. Joe had not mailed Cindy an invitation even though she only lives 1 mile from me (who's special, then?) but I took her anyway, certain Joe was all about making money, er, friends.


Foods offered at the other places, who were they again?, at prices like this: Bottle of Chianti, least expensive elsewhere $9.99, at Trader Joe's $4.99. Pate, through the roof elsewhere, $4 at Trader Joe's. Pizzle sticks for dogs $10.99 elsewhere, $4.99 at Trader Joe's.

And variety! Well, see for yourself below.

In this picture we have a Roast Beast sandwhich with blue cheese, Wisconsin cheese curds, white cheddar soy crisps, chocolate orange sticks, tuscan white bean dip, pumpkin whoopie pies, dog chews and chianti. Not just any chianti, boys and girls, the kind with the black cock. The real deal. Made in Greve in Chianti. Where I visited just last year. Sigh.

mfC bought stuff too. Food and wine and coffee and crackers and cat food and oh my, glycerin soap, only recently highlighted by a certain famous blogger.

But when it came to the checkout, I was the only one with a post card, um, engraved invitation. And I got my free bag and chance to win. mfC badgered and whined and badgered the poor sales girl so that she got a free bag too.

Then we zoomed home to sample the chicken and prosciutto sandwich and tomato bisque soup and mushroom pate.

And they lived happily ever after. [burp]


  1. have been to Trader Joes..
    they have the best produce
    and if they still carry the cranberry pecan bread
    IT IS HEAVEN!!!!
    color me jealous!!!!!

  2. Right? Right? How you like Bossy now?



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