Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turnip, or not turnip?

This year I'm adding something new to the tried and true Thanksgiving dishes. I'm making a turnip dish. Saturday, at the nearby farmer's market, I found these turnips. Wednesday I will be brave and assemble the new dish.

Turnips, parsnips or brussels sprouts never made an appearance on any dinner table I can remember from my youth. Rutabagas made a cameo appearance or two, but I didn't like them. Blech.

But brussels sprouts have become a recent favorite, as have beets. I found the brussels sprouts in the frozen foods section in a steamer package and bought them in a fit of needing something new to eat. And lately the chefs in Atlanta have been featuring beets in all manner of ways. My favorite is a beet and goat cheese molded salad that also factors in balsamic vinegar. Yum. But that's a summertime dish.

So in the spirit of adventure, I'm going to make a half recipe of a turnip dish - turnip gratin - because it just looked so dang good on the website. I'm pretty sure there will be trepidation on the part of anyone here on Thursday who tastes this dish.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

How about you? Trying anything new this Thanksgiving?


  1. I got this wonderful email from Sorrow and appreciate it more than I can say!

    I know i whine a lot about your comment thing. It drives me insane.
    And i am sorry.
    I have tried to comment on a few of your last posts. Like the one today about the turnips.
    but either it will not give me a word to verify, ( I get a little blue box with a question mark in it)
    or it gives me an error message that reads something about my google id is not a valid one.
    I am sorry I am not the computer person.
    but I wanted to let you know I do enjoy reading your blog, and I get a huge kick out of the photo's of your puppies.
    and well, I am just struggling.
    yours is the only google blog read that has that funny word thingy..
    any way
    have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you have day of gratitude, for life's blessings..

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  3. My kingdom for a rutubaga.

    And I, too, am making a turnip dish! Found a good recipe over on Pioneer Woman's site. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Oh yummy! Predo's mans, Jimmy, made a mashed turnip & potato dish that was AWESOME a couple of weeks ago. I'm going over there for Thanksgiving this year, so luckily I'm just responsible for my family's favorite--a cranberry apple crumble pie. Good luck with the gratain! How bad can veggies smothered in a cheesy cream sauce be? I think it will be great!



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