Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Things

Often it's the little things that make a difference, isn't it? We've been in our current office for over two years. For the first year, I sat on the other side of my group. One of the senior folks in the group on the other side decided his corner needed something, and began having flowers delivered every week to sit outside his office and on the corner of his assistant's desk. I always walked by to see the flowers.

Everyone noticed the flowers, and nearly everyone commented:

"Where did these come from?" "What's the occasion?" "Why do you have flowers?"

J's assistant, B, would tell everyone that he just liked flowers and had them delivered every week.

Then, about 8 months ago, I moved to sit next to J and work with B. And as much as I really have fun with both of them, the bonus to the move is to enjoy the flowers up close every week. It's a personal challenge to see how many times I know the name of all any of the flowers.

On days when there's hardly time to draw a breath, or I've had so many interruptions I can't finish a sentence, or deadlines are stacking up like planes over the Atlanta airport I find myself looking more often at the flowers of the week or going out and checking to see if the roses have any fragrance.

They are a spark of color, and sometimes a drift of fragrance, and always a bright spot in the office.


  1. What a fabulous idea! Something so simple, so natural that can brighten everyday. I think I need flowers at my desk! Thank you!!

  2. One of these days you’re going to resign from Cousins to go into commercial photography. You are really getting good!

  3. Love it! I always buy one bloom from the florist downstairs to keep on my desk. It makes SUCH a difference ... and it's affordable! Perhaps I should show this post to Quiet Guy ... thought I'm sure he wouldn't get it ; )

  4. Hey, what fun! Consider yourself lucky. I don't recall anyone ever having flowers in my offices.

    Grandma Laverne

  5. I think this is such a sweet idea, especially for the assistant who gets them so close. I have been in those kinds of offices that need some color!



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