Friday, November 7, 2008

What's on Your Fridge?

At work I have to be organized, and keep both electronic files and hard files, and let's face it, mental files, so they can be easily located and updated. I have to know where to find the most minute details and then file them away to show where they came from. And, although my desk is messy, for the most part I am the go-to person for information--in my department.

But at home, things take a definite turn toward the low tech. In fact, it's shocking how low tech. It's called a refrigerator. My computer? That's for digital pictures and the internet.

Now, I have friends who keep their stainless steel models pristine, buffing every finger print away immediately. My own fridge, which came with the house, is simultaneously a photo gallery, memento chest, reference file, bill paying center and note pad holder.

See that 4 leaf clover? Came from Catherine, who once worked with us. I miss her.

And the typewriter keys came from my old house where I had them stuck to the metal door that went to the garage. The garage, I might add, that I gave up to move in town.

The radish, onion and garlic magnets I've had for years and dearly love, even if they're too impractical to hold anything.

The paperdolls from ME Home Companion I am saving for a niece.

Top right corner of the front - well those are my dogs: Baby Cotton, Baby Gus (who had any idea that little puppy would grow to be a horse?), and Cammie and Roger, the most perfect german shepherds in the world. Roger was the dog I gave my brother for his law school graduation present, and he was perfect. Just perfect. Cammie was second perfect--she was my first dog. Anyway - I keep them all here so I can see them together.

The dry erase board notes the food in the fridge and freezer so I can be sure there's something for supper when I get in at 7 or later at night.

So tell me, what's on your fridge?


  1. More photo's than you can imagine! kid drawings, recipes, and directions..

  2. Absolutely NADA! It's the one place in my house and life that's not cluttered. (Of course, no thanks to me. Magnets just won't stick to stainless no matter how hard I try and tape just isn't the same.)

  3. I'm boring! I just have big letters that say EAT. But I smiled at your ME paper dolls--I've been saving them for my niece for when she's a little older. LOVE that magazine!



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