Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Anyway, I will be away from the key board for a few days while I spend a few days with my bestest friend. I should blog about our first meeting someday. Rod Sterling's Night Gallery factors into the story.

With her schedule and mine, we don't get to do that too often.

I fully expect mucho blog material out of this trip.

We will be in Chicago at a photography workshop. In Chicago. That toddlin' town.

Cold, windy Chicago. Do I know what to pack? No. I hate bulky clothes, that's why I live in the south. You get a little cool weather, you drip water if you live in an old house or you bring in the plants on a cold night but you do not wear a camisole, tshirt, light sweater, fleece and overcoat. Which is what one person might wear.

There's the occasional ice storm where the grocery stores are emptied of bread and milk and Home Depot sells out of generators in 6 hours and the 4 wheel drive owners come out and get stuck in ditches. But for the most part, cold weather is a chance to cut down on the bug population. And usually it doesn't get cold enough to do that.

And figuring out what to take my camera in - that has been hours of contemplation: buy a new bag? use the old one (and when I say old, I mean 15 years old at least)?

So in honor of Bossy's Poverty Party, I've decided to take the old one.

Not only that, I've not bought a new camera, new coat, new shoes or a new purse for this trip.

Yep. Just Say No.

Has a ring to it, yes?


  1. Molly, I love your blog, but HATE your comment thingy.
    I hope you have a great time in Chicago.. make sure you get to some of the fabulous restaurants, and while your cold, I shall be a bit green with envy...LOL

  2. Ok, I put it back in your honor. I changed it because my mother couldn't leave comments, but she's not leaving any anyway, so back we go!

  3. Have a GREAT time in Chicago! I'm so jealous! Bring scarves ... and HATS ... AND GLOVES : )

  4. Ok...I didn't see this before the trip. Just remember any stories about original meetings, nicknames, love interests, etc....well, umm, need to be moderated. Not that I would retaliate with my own stories. Although some of them are funny....but, then they are mutually incriminating.

    Thanks for inviting me on this adventure - of all the crazy, hair-brained ideas you've cooked up, this may turn out to be one of my favorite :)



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