Wednesday, November 26, 2008

War on Clutter

For Bush, it was the war on terror.

For GHW Bush, it was the Gulf War.

Reagan stared down the Soviet Union.

Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon each faced the Vietnam War.

Honest Abe presided over what is still called in these parts The War of Northern Agression but the history books call The Civil War or more benignly, The War Between the States.

For Molly, it's the War on Clutter. And Molly has won a battle, as evidenced below. You can see the battlefield in its former state here.

As with every war, there are refugees, those misfortunates who are displaced by the battle.

They are expecting packages from the Red Cross any day now.


  1. So . . . now the question . . . . how long will it last??? (The un-cluttered part.) If its like my dresser drawers, its only a matter of time.

    Love the pictures of the displaced . . . more trod upon souls that they are.


  2. The displaced soul looks pretty comfortable with that porch furniture out there . . .

  3. I just want to squeeze those preshuuuus faaaaceees! (That was said in my "Fisher" voice ; ) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. The War on Clutter goes on in my household, also. Here it's a losing one, I fear. Grandma Laverne



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