Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tag! You're it!

Sort of. I've chosen to be tagged. At Country Girl's blog. It's a photo meme that says go to the 4th photo folder and put up the 4th photo (so I had an extra 4th because I have folders inside folders).

That was this one:

I was amused to see this since today's post mentioned my utter despair in using my 55-200mm lens. Which is the one I took to Italy INSTEAD of the 15-55mm. So I got weird shots like this one. This was a wall near il Campo in Siena. Note the lovely brick color, and the family crests. I think I read that the one in the center was of the Medici family. Don't know about you, but the inner princess likes the crowns over each crest.

And the holes in the facade? Those are from construction: they would build up to a point and relocate the scaffolding, build around it up to a point, pull out the timber and so on.

So again, the photography workshop can't get here soon enough!

And, you're tagged, but only if you want to be. Link back here if you choose to. Also, go to Country Girl's blog - she has two and both feature her beautiful photography. And if you get there before tomorrow night, you can enter her giveaway!


  1. I'm sorry that you hate your lens. Is is a nice lens, though?

    Thanks for the link to my blog and for playing this game.

  2. Well, it's more operator frustration to tell the truth! I am making myself use it to try to get better, but it's early days yet.



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