Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is a fountain located in the courtyard off the suite we used in the Fine Arts Building. There were many things I enjoyed about this building, and the courtyard was one of them. The first two shots are with my kit lens, and they're okay.

The shot above is of the painted medallions that FLW painted before he became the Frank Lloyd Wright.

From here down, I'm using the 85mm fixed lens that Brian and Me Ra loaned me while I was there. Yum!

Below is Brian with bffC, who had been asking Brian what lens to use to photgraph basketball. In a gym.

Brian said "well, there are several choices, the 24-70mm is very versatile. But this lens, the 70-200mm would work great. Anything beyond this would be in the thousands". Thousands? Thousands.

"And while I'm at it, you just need to change this setting here...

...and this one here...
...but I think that you'd really like this 70-200mm."

Looks like we won't need MollyMath, as bffC's husband is interested in photography too.
But here's how it would work:
Cost of 70-200mm lens with image stabilization: $1,549 / 2 photographers / 2 kids / 365 days = $1 per day per child.
Alternately: $1,549/2 photographers/2 kids / 26 weekends = $15 per weekend

Basically a bargain any way you slice it.


  1. This totally explains (or at least is one of many hundreds of reasons) why we have been friends for so long - another very important one is that I know no other who can cheat at Spades as well as you...well, except me! Of course, I accidentally reformatted my disk with the pix with the supper lens so I am just going to have to rely on the math. LOL!!

  2. Dude, is that a lens or was Brian just happy to see your friend?! I am so jealous of your photography pursuits! Keep the posts coming, I love reading about it!

  3. OH.MY.WORD!!! Crack me AND my husband up! I love your math skills...your skills are being wasted in real estate. You could easily be my accountant.

    I have lens envy too. I emailed my husband my Christmas wish list. The total was something like $7,000.00. A Mac computer and three fixed lenses equal big bucks!




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