Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What does your Halloween Decorating Tell People?

Did you know Halloween decoration can tell you a lot about your neighbors? it's a little like body language for houses...

1 - Wall Flower wants to participate without drawing undue attention

2 - Traditional seasonal without committing to mischief or mayhem.

3 - Separation Issues Keep your family close...

4 - Gone Postal

5 - Dizzy. Is this football or Halloween?

6 - Arachnophobic

7 - Shakespearean: Arachnophobia does Romeo and Juliet, complete with Greek Chorus

8 - Failure to Commit Rats, witch, spider, pumpkins...well, which is it?

Now, go out and look around your neighborhood and see what you can learn about your neighbors!


  1. This was a fabulous post and I laughed...cried my way through it. I adore your sense of humor.

    I can not wait to go out and do this.

    The Romeo and Juliet one with chorus killed me!!!

    Marlene...I just LOVE your blog.

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My comment just got eaten!!!! It was BRILLIANT! But I loved this post and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your neighborhood. I'll be there with my U Haul moving in this weekend. See you then!

  3. We'll keep the light on for ya!

  4. This is such a clever post!! I love it!

    And I love your neighborhood! So beautiful.

  5. Well, what does it mean when none of your neighbors decorate except the one right next to you who goes way - I mean way - overboard? Apart from our 2 (one for each child) carefully carved pumpkins, they're it.

  6. Ok - I must correct the grammar...."Apart....., she's it."

  7. Bah humbug epidemic? Party pooper-itis? Scrooge flu?

    I wish I had done a pumpkin this year. Someone up the street has a flashing light inside theres and it's cute as a button.

  8. AARGH! there's a typo above. It should be their of course.

  9. Very fun post! Hope all is okay with you right now. We don't "do" this holiday. Not for any other reason except that my Mom never liked it and I grew up not understanding or liking it. Probably because I am a chicken at heart. All of these things; spiders, scarecrows, mummys, skeletons, etc. are making Jaden crazy! Walking in the store (or nearly anywhere really), "MOMMY!!! I SCARED!! MONSTER'S GOING TO HURT ME!!!" I can't wait until it's over.

    Ba Hum Bug!



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