Friday, October 24, 2008

News to Me

So I'm on vacation and it's coming to an end. It's been a good week: I had my nephew visit, I learned to knit, I got a library card and I've gotten to catch up on all the blogs I like. And had the practically new microwave repaired. But that's definitely it's own rant, er, blog.

Tonight I'm having Blog ADD or Blogger's Block or something.

Should I post about the couple I saw in front of the library when I went to get said library card? They were sitting on a low wall side by side and he was opening a tupperware and digging in. She had two plastic grocery bags at her feet, and a gallon sized gatorade. As I was leaving I saw her take a liquor bottle from him, take a swig and chase with gatorade. He then leaned against her and put his head on her shoulder. I think leaving this to your imagination and empathy is the only way to go.

Or maybe I should bemoan the lack of posts by one of my favorite bloggers.

I could jump on the political post bandwagon...except I've seen people bring out the sharp knives in response to relatively mild political opinions this year. Just go see The Country Doctor's Wife or April Showers to see for yourself. These ladies both write very funny blogs and yet folks had no sense of humor or restraint when the authors offered opinions on the goings on. No, I don't think I'll risk politics.

Perhaps stalk the CSI Seattle blog looking for another nerd trivia bonanza? No, let it go.

And then I found it: my cause celebre.

As I was catching up with some favorite blogs, something at Jane's Apron caught my eye. A reference to "news" about Mary Englebreit's Home Companion. It seems that the publication has lost it's publisher. The Dec/Jan 2009 will be the last issue with the current publisher, who cited economic reasons for ditching, um, parting ways with ME's Home Companion.

News to me.

Why would we want to do away with something that talks about art and color and crafts and whimsy and all on a level we can relate to? Makes no sense to me. Why would we now not want publications that inspire us to look for or create beauty for ourselves while other, shall we say, less constructive, publications blithely continue on?

While one website I saw said they had ceased publication, the Home Companion website is still active. I just hate to lose something I've enjoyed so much, and maybe you do too.

If you do, I say stand up and let your voice be heard.

That is all.


  1. what gives? I cannot post a comment!

  2. I am going to and the Queen of Everything have had a love affair going on for many monns.

    That is just crappy news.
    Loved your funny post anyway though.




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