Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall before and after

Last week I drove my mother to Michaels - she was getting some Christmas gifts taken care of (I know...can you believe that already?) Anyway, I strolled around the store trying not to buy everything that I wished I had the talent to make. Then I found myself in the artificial flowers. The Fall colors, to be precise. And I remembered my copper pot that I bought some time ago, filled with on sale hydrangeas from where else-Michaels. It sits in the fireplace since I'm too lazy to burn wood in the fireplace - the idea of cleaning up after it does me in.

So I bought some things I thought would work together and fill the ginormous thing.

Here's the before....

and here's the after. Now, this rust color I think can be stretched to look sort of Christmassy if I put some green or gold or copper ribbon with it, so I'm pretty pleased with myself for figuring out an arrangement that will make it to New Year's. Now I just need to go get the rest of the Fall stuff and put it out.

Right after I finish that book.

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