Monday, October 6, 2008

Standing on the landing

Saturday I went to the back yard with my trusty, good natured, underappreciated, neglected dogs. I took along my camera since it had been some time since I just took a lot of pictures at one time. The work gig is getting in the way of the creative thing, you know?

Anyway, back to the backyard. There was lots of running and jumping and sitting and at the end there was standing on the landing.

It wasn't until I uploaded my photos that I noticed this:

and this:

If I were not worried about writing a business plan for which I had no plan, I could probably come up with a silly story for these pictures.

Today, though, I do have a business plan draft due today. So maybe you can make up a story to go with these pictures.

Or maybe they'll make you smile like they do me. Have a good Monday.

1 comment:

  1. I love the first one of Gus . . . and the ones you sent earlier, with both Gus and Cotton, are terrific!




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