Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Girl wears more than Birthday Suit

Atlanta, GA...Paul's Restaurant was the setting Wednesday night for an intimate surprise 60th birthday party for Cynthia "Cindy" W, originally of Dunedin, FL. Cindy's sister Pam N, just in from Ocala, FL, hosted the lavish affair for close family and friends.

Paul's is owned by chef Paul, formerly of Pano's and Paul's and is a favorite of the who's that? crowd and located just off trendy off off off Peachtree Street.

The honoree was escorted to the exclusive event by her nephew, David N, (yes, that David N) who managed to keep the secret right into the room as the matre d' lead them to a table in the room where the 25 to 30 well wishers waited, clutching their adult beverages.
It wasn't until a hearty "surprise!" that a very surprised Cindy managed to put it all together. While numerous requests for the exclusive guest list were denied to protect the recently released, this reporter was able to confirm that the never before heard of photographer to the masses, Molly, recorded the event.

Fall centerpieces graced the center of each table, where Godiva party favors trimmed in black ribbon with "Cindy's 60th Birthday, October 8, 2008" in gold letters awaited each guest.

The birthday girl wore more than just her birthday suit - a red, black and white top with splashes of green and periwinkle over black slacks set off sparkling eyes and a big smile. Party goers weren't sure if the smile was for all the guests or for current man about town, J , who had turned up for the event.

An open bar and passed hors d'oeuvres preceded a delicious buffet of roast beef, crab cakes, pasta, grilled mediterranean vegetables and stuffed new potatoes. After the birthday girl good naturedly endured a gentle roast by colleagues, and the hostest with the mostest raised a toast to the honoree, guests were treated to a two layer chocolate cake adorned with candles and sparklers as well as chocolate fondue with fruit. One young guest observed "I thought the icing would melt with all those candles on it". It only took about 5 minutes to get all the 60 candles out. A paramedic among the guests was able to administer oxygen when Cindy grew lightheaded following huffing and puffing out the blaze. More than one guest was heard to mumble "I'm surprised there weren't more fire extinguishers handy".

Hugs, laughter and memories were the order of the day. A good time was had by all.

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