Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fellow

This fine fellow not only looks like this, it lights up in the dark. And it has those fiber optic light effects that make the filaments glow different colors.

My nephew thinks it's the coolest thing ever since he's worked out how the colors in the fiber optics change. He has not figured out how the fiber optics work.

This guy will be making the trip home with my nephew tomorrow. I fully expect a phone call from him in a few days or so telling me he's learned how the fiber optics work.
Isn't it funny how small things like this that ignite the curiosity and imagination can be responsible for the next breakthrough in science, medicine, or energy?


  1. That is such a cute pumpkin and I love how things spark the interest to know more in a young child's mind!

    What a great aunt you are.


  2. Don't get him near my daughter, we have one of those delightful heads, and she dissected it, to figure it out! LOL
    (don't want him to get any ideas!)

  3. When we got home the boys ran up to their bedroom to plug in the pumpkin head. Eli's first question, "Can I stick my hand in it's mouth?"

    Thanks Aunt Molly and yes, you'r a great aunt! Brooks had a great time with you!

  4. I WANT one!!! Do you know where your mother bought it?




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