Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Both my grandmothers sew or sewed. One grandmother also cross-stitched, did chicken scratch, embroidered, crocheted and quilted.

My mother sews, embroiders, cross-stitches, quilts and can crochet.

All that needlecraft legacy lay dormant in me. To date I have made 1 doll, 1 shorts set never worn and a smattering of cross stitch pictures and ornaments.

So, I decided that it was time to learn to knit. That would be my thing. No one else knits in the family that I know of, except great Aunt Foy, and that was two branches up and 1 over in the family tree.

Today I took my lesson. When I walked in that shop I was entranced. Yarns of every color and texture filled ceiling to floor bins. Bag handles hung on racks in anticipation of being added to knitted and felted bags. Sleeveless sweaters and shorts graced a child sized mannequin next to an adult sized mannequin sporting a cable knit sweater in a yummy soft angora like yarn. There were blankets, throws and scarves.

Called Knitch, it is a place of unlimited possibilities.

I was hooked.

Nell, my instructor, came over and helped me pick out some wool and recommended the circular needles. I was going to do a scarf, but she said a small bag I admired would be a good beginner project, and we were off.

Below is how far I got, with help from Nell. At this point I've done say 2/3 of the work, she did the critical 1/3: casting on, more than half the 10 inches needed for the bottom of the bag and showed me how to turn from that base to work on the sides.

Maybe I'll find a place in the family needlecraft legacy, after all.


  1. Cute bag! Now, in a few years, when Audrey comes to visit, you can teach her and then she can teach me.

  2. Molly!!!!

    I am so thrilled for you. Knitting is one thing I have not tried yet. I crochet and the other stuff but....WOW

    I am a yarn addict as well. I walk into a shop and never want to leave. The yarn you picked out is so cute.

    I learned to crochet on You Tube...really...you can learn anything there. I am so proud of you.

    Keep it up and you can do a great give away soon!


  3. carrie - i hope in a few years i've progressed enought to teach. i like that idea.

    marlene - yes, i noticed that you talk about sewing as do many ladies in the blogosphere. maybe i can get to the point of showing something completed soon!

  4. my mother crocheted, She died this past May and millions of dollars could not buy my precious throws, blankets, scarves ect... that she made for me.
    You may have inspired me to try it.
    Black box brought me here from T E X A S

  5. Love the colors!!!


  6. Your yarn is so great and so is your knitting! When I tried to learn I stretched the yarn so badly - guess I was used to crochet and embroidery threat which doesn't stretch so you can pull (some) and it's okay. Anyway, I'm glad you've become a knitter. Handwork is so relaxing. And rewarding. And productive. Mama



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