Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hoschton Scarecrows and a World Record

In north Georgia, starting in about September, Fall Festivals pop up all over. One little town, named Hoschton, has just such a Fall Festival.

I knew nothing about it until my mother and some friends took a drive up to see the scarecrows.



It seems the citizens of Hoschton decided to pursue a Guiness World record for most scarecrows in one area. When Mother & Co visited, they think they had around 5400.

The point of seeking the world record was to create postive publicity for their Fall Festival. By all accounts, everyone pitched in. Mother reported Scarecrow Elvis, Scarecrow Bonanza (lil Joe, Hoss and Pa), Scarecrow Choir, Scarecrow Football team and spectators among many, many others.

There are a few pictures online, and you can view them by clicking on Hoschton.

I wish I'd heard of this in time.

I would have filled the front yard with scarecrows in a vote of solidarity.


  1. That is too funny. I wish I could go and see them...maybe get one of them hitched with a mermaid...that would be a scaremaid or a mercrow?

    Have a great day!!!


  2. Hey, they also had Adam Cartwright! He and Hoss were most like themselves, I thought. Mama

  3. That is too funny. In Seattle this weekend there were some people who were trying to break the record for the most people doing the Michael Jackson's Thriller dance routine. Yours seems MUCH homier ...

  4. Hi Molly, I'm a Black Box tourist. I enjoyed my visit!



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